Expression Generator

Thought it might be useful to add some examples.

1) Generate a single cycle sine tone:
A sine tone is defined by the function (SIN x).
In Nyquist, the “x” value is in radians, so for a single cycle we need values of x to go through 2xPI radians.
2xPI is about 6.283185307
fullwindow-Expression Generator-000.png
Alternatively, if we want to reverse the phase (offset the phase by 180 degrees), we can use values of x from -3.141592654 to +3.141592654

2) Generate a 440 Hz tone for 1 second:
Rather than having to work out how many radians x needs to go through, we can simply make x go through the desired number of cycles (440), and enter the expression

(sin (* 2 pi x))

fullwindow-Expression Generator-001.png
and one more example, for values of x from 0 to 1:

(* 0.5 (+ 1 (sin (* (+ 0.75 x) 2 pi))) (sin (* 880 pi x)))