Equalizing Contrasting Volumes

Hello - I’ve taken on the task of editing our church Sunday school and service for posting on the church website and find that, during the service portion of the recording, the music portion of the recording is much louder than the sermon. I’ve alleviated this issue in the past with a simple one or two click edit but cannot for the life of me recall or find how I did that! I’ve looked at a bunch of rather tedious and time consuming instruction but, again, recall using a simple one click fix. Any help is appreciated. I’m using version 2.1.2 with Windows 10.

Try the [u]Leveler effect[/u].

I disagree. Despite its name, the “Leveler” effect is a terrible way to level out the volume. The “Leveler” effect reduces the dynamic range by distorting the waveform. If it is set high enough to have a significant “levelling” effect, then it also produces noticeable distortion.

A better option is to use the “Limiter” effect (Limiter - Audacity Manual) with the “Type” set to “Soft Limit”.

If a stronger amount of volume adjustment is needed, then either:

  1. Adjust the level manually with the envelope tool (better option, but fiddly and time consuming) Envelope Tool - Audacity Manual
  2. or for automatic adjustment, try this “AGC” plug-in: AGC - Automatic Gain Control

Instructions for installing the optional AGC plug-in (and any other "Nyquist plug-in) can be found here: Effect Menu - Audacity Manual