Envelope Tool Bug

Win 7; Audacity 3.0.2
I’ve been working on a very tedious project lately where I used the envelope tool a lot and was just about to finish today.
When I exported the file and went back into audacity, all of my Envelope Points were messed up and some new ones appeared. I have absolutely no explanation how they may have appeared since I did not even go into the tool during that time. Im pretty sure that they aren’t even copies of the shapes I made, because the shapes are completely random.
On top of that it seems, that the new points that appeared can’t be touched and draged by the envelope tool or the multi-tool.
So the Volume is all over the place now and I have no idea where even to start to fix this since I cant even remove the points one by one.
One thing I have tried is using the Graphic EQ which seems to do the job but visually and only until I try to do anything else.
No way of using a saved file as well, since it only just happened after saving.
It would be devastating for me loose all my progress on the file so I really hope there is some way to get rid of those points.
thank you very much in advance.

When I exported the file

Exporting creates a stand-alone sound file such as WAV or MP3. You can File > Save an audacity Project which will (normally) retain your edit settings, points, and environments. It is an AUP3 file right?

Or did I misunderstand what you did?

Did you get an error message or display, either when it closed or opened?


Jademan has achieved remarkable success in bringing edited shows back from the dead. Do you have access to a file server system such as DropBox?

You can post a super short sound sample (10 seconds) on the forum. So for serious incantations, you have to use file transfer systems.


One of these Audacity versions had troubles with envelope points.

Found it.

Note that there is a bug in some early Audacity 3.x versions that can create unwanted envelope points. To avoid this, ensure that you are using the latest version of Audacity (currently Audacity 3.0.5: > https://www.audacityteam.org/download/> )

Actually, the current version is 3.1.2.



Since you are on 3.0.2, see this post: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/3-0-3-experiencing-extreme-slowdown-and-is-not-responding/62439/18