effects - normalize vs amplify

Both Amplify and Normalize will amplify all of the signal, including background noise.
I’m surprised that you are getting such a noticeable reduction in level using Anwida DX Reverb Lite plugin. I can’t test at the moment as I’m not using Windows, but I thought that the output level from Anwida DX Reverb Lite plugin was adjustable so there would be no need for there to be a significant drop in level.

By the way, you have replied to a 3 year old topic - it’s generally better to start a new topic than to add onto the end of an old one.

Wow, if I could adjust the output of Anwida DX Reverb lite and still get the same sound,
that would be the ultimate solution. It would remove the whole problem before it
starts. If you find out, let me know.

My guess would be the slider on the right that says “Level”

I was wondering about that as soon as I read your last post.

Would you know if you can load your own Anwida DX reverb lite presets in the audacity 1.3 beta?
I haven’t been able to do it, although I could in Audacity 1.26.

Anwida has not answered yet and it’s been a couple of days.

Move the slider all the way to the top and it was definitely better,
didn’t have to amplify as much.

So following the topic of discussion I did the following.

Did noise removal
Normalized at -3db
Applied Anwida DX Reverb Lite
Normalized again at 0db

Sounds better than it was.
Thanks for all the info!