Different volume sound levels on a playlist.

Hello and sorry for my English.

I have playlists coming from different places, and I’d want each tracks to have the same volume level. (I have to high or low the volume manually.)
I searched on Google and the given solution does not work.
It says: go to “Effects” (effets, in French, I’m not sure about the English spelling), then choose “Normalize” and put the decibel level to 0,0 then → OK.

If somebody (first, understand my issue…) and could help me, it would be very great. Thanks.

Tell us in what way it does not work then we might be able to tell you how to correct the problem.

Are you using Audacity 2.0.6? Look in Help > About Audacity… .

You can just enter a single zero “0” in Normalize.

Note this only adjusts the peak of the audio to 0 dB (maximum) in each track. It may not make each track sound as loud as all the other tracks.


Gale, I thank you so much for your answer.
Now I understand why it didn’t “work”. I was expecting a kind of miracle about the Normalize function…
In fact it worked, but not in the the way I thought it should do.

Have a nice day!


There is a Nyquist plugin here that uses a “similar loudness” algorithm:
ReplayGain plug-in Make sure you get the “New Version” in that post.

See here for how to install Nyquist plugins: Missing features - Audacity Support .