desperate - can't remove scratching and crackling noise

I’ve read lots of web pages on cleaning vinyl records. I’m wetting these just before playing them.
Still, sometimes, I still have a lot of scratching and crackling noise.
“Click Removal” even with threshold 200 and max spike width 40 doesn’t remove
all noise. And since there are lots of them, something like “Repair” is much too painful.

Is there any alternative except using some commercial tool on Windows?

Many thanks for a hint,

I thought wet-playing of LPs went seriously out of fashion years ago.

I tried it back then and found it made things worse and my stylus got crudded up - and they say that once played wet it should always then be played wet.

Have a look at this LP transcription workflow from the manual:


BTW the “modern” approach to cleaning LPs seems to involve covering the LP with a thin layer of PVA wood glu, leeting it set and then peeilng it off. There was a thread on the forum about this a while back. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to venture down this route.

I use 50/50 mix of windex and water with a nice large cheesecloth rag. Even right after a decent cleaning I use a carbon fiber brush, the record always manages to pick up more dust on the way to the turntable. Carbon fiber brush also helps with static and I use it every time before I play a record.

I think your crackle may be static or cartridge related if it is that bad. More terms to google up and hopefully find something that works.

I’ve recently written a plug-in that adresses the click removal issue for silent parts.
This should at least diminish the problem of the crackling.
Keep in mind that the tool is much more powerful than the original click removal and finding the right parameters may be a little tricky.
I’ve not received any feed back yet. Testing is greatly appreciated.