Declicker plugin + big files (anything +15 min duration) = trouble

So I love declicker. It is amazing and I cant believe it is free.
But for some reason I cant use it on more then 15 min audio.
I got latest 64 bit version on win 10 + latest FFMPEG

So if I add a 1 hour 46 min file, preview isolated pieces works like a charm. But when I want to apply the changes, then the timer will start, till around 10% progress and then just closes, nothing applied, when I do a preview of isolated pieces I hear them again.

When I use it on only 15 min of the audio then the timer works, till the middle, the hangs for few minutes, then continues like nothing happend. Still weird but atleast it finishes and applies the changes :slight_smile:

Anyone knows a workaround to let me do the 1hour46min fully in 1 go? It takes so much time now to do 15 min per time, select next 15 min, preview, etc etc

Cheers :slight_smile:

PS: I also did troubleshooting with an older version 2.4.2 of audacity (still the same problem > _ < )

See here: Processing long tracks with DeClicker.ny

Report back how you make out.

Thx, got it to work! nice :slight_smile: Works perfectly :slight_smile:

I only wished it could automatically put in the parts in the macro per 15 min, instead of you manually inserting per 15 min a line in the marco. But I am just being a perfectionist here. ^^

Lovely, at least this helps me greatly!

Thanks for the report back. :grinning:

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