De-essing plug-in or directions for de-essing

New user. I’ve been mostly using Adobe Audition, which has a de-essing tool. I need something like that. What’s a solution that anyone has used successfully with Audacity?

desibilator is a free Audcaity-specific De-esser plugin,
it’s capable of surgical-precision, but does not operate in real-time.

ToneBoosters have two free De-esser plugins which work in real-time:
One is simple (2 band) “TB_DeEsser_v3” , the other called “sibalance” [sic] is complex.

Another free option is “t-de-esser-plus” …

it’s a cut-down version of their “Pro” paid for plugin.

Much appreciated! I installed Desibilator and look forward to learning how to make it work. Thank you!

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