Cues and other metadata into WAV files


I’m new with Audacity and I’m curious about how to read-write metadata into WAV files.

I’ve always used Cool Edit Pro and Adobe Audition 1.5 and we can create a lot of metadata, with those programs, which is recorded inside the WAV files (and it is preserved inside the file itself too).

I repeat, we can write a lot of metadata with CEP and Audition (not only name and artist) and we can include cues (like the typical index cues inside the CD audio tracks, which can be read by some CD audio players).

BUT… Audacity doesn’t recognize that specific metadata (created with CEP and/or Audition), and I don’t understand why not… Up to me, it is just an extra simple text (ASCII) format part inmediately after the end of the audio data (at the end of the file).

I can’t understand why Windows Media Player doesn’t read it, too.

The issue is that the metadata IS INSIDE the files (WinAmp can read some fields of that metadata info).

So… I wonder… Isn’t it possible that the Audacity creators “re-visit” the core of the program to add a function to read all this metadata? Couldn’t it be? ???

Just a humble idea.

BTW: The main reason I had to start with Audacity was a problem I have with my PC since the last updates of WinXP SP3 (Adobe Audition has some rare behaviour now at recording audio sessions and, usually, the audio isn’t useful with long time recordings). Audacity doesn’t have any “weird” behaviour up today.


Juan from Chile (South America)

Audacity has only basic (limited) support for metadata in WAV files (many programs have no support at all for WAV metadata).
CoolEdit Pro supports a lot of metadata, but much of it is non standard and only understood by CoolEdit Pro/Audition.
Details of Audacity’s metadata support can be found in the manual:

A quick question for you; are you using the cue points created in Audition with DJ software like Traktor or Serato? And if so are the Audition cue points fully compatible?

No, sorry. I don’t use DJ software at all (I just record and edit audio at my “mini” studio).