Cue import/export


I would really like to use this script to master a number of CD recordings. I can’t seem to find the label2cue file on Andrew’s website or anywhere.

Does anyone have a copy of the package that they might be willing to make available or send?

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

Thank you.


See attachment (22 KB)

You are a hero! :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Not me - it’s AndrewTheArt that deserves the thanks :wink:
Let us know how you get on with it (I don’t use cue sheets, so I’ve not tried it myself).

You’re right - And I wish I could thank Andrew, if only his website was working! :nerd:

You don’t use cue sheets? :astonished:

They are wonderfully convenient. I hope you get the chance to enjoy them one day! :smiley:

No, I just use K3B or Nero and let the computer do all the work :wink:

Some time ago I spoke with Andrew about the possibility of collaborating on a Nyquist plug-in for exporting cue sheets from Audacity. At the time, he was interested, but rather too busy. Right now, I’m rather busy too, but if you find yourself still loitering round the forum in a month or two, perhaps I could pick your brains and we could see if we can come up with something. (I’m gradually getting to know how to do things in Nyquist, but I know nothing about cue sheets, so that’d be your part of the job :slight_smile:

I would be delighted to assist!

Allow me to send you a PM with my contact details.

It will be great to collaborate with you when you have some free time to undertake this project. It would make Audacity even more superior to other audio editing suites!

I’ve got your PM and sent a reply. I’ll be in touch :wink: (it could be in a month or two).

Sorry guys, my website is experiencing some downtime at the moment. I’m using a free web host (rather economical :wink: ), and you just can’t rely on it at times.

Here’s another link to the program –

I’m still really busy, but I might be able to help you guys. I’m not up to speed with Niquest at all, so I’d have to hack around with it. I’d love to collaborate with you guys though. Keep me in the e-mail loop –

Is it possible to implement this feature?
I want to import .cue in 2.0.5 version. As i recognize it is not possible. Tool and script from wiki also can’t help. I must to use another program.

The Wiki page has the correct instructions as far as I know. Andrew keeps that page updated.

Otherwise yes I’ll add a “vote” that you would like built-in cue sheet support.


I am not aware of any issues with label2cue. “Doesn’t work” is unfortunately not helpful information.

I do update that page; however, the “main download link” link at the top was out of date. I have updated it. Should be downloaded from

I’m talking about cue to label conversion. This can do only a web tool created by Grimblefritz. I’ve added a comment abut this (error during import label) in but my comment have not reviewed yet.

Current status is that the on-line tool is operational.
Your post in the other topic has been moderator approved and replied to:

Unfortunately not. See “I have yet to find labels generated by Audacity 1.3 or later that will not convert.” With Audacity 2.0.5 version this tool does not work.

I don’t see anything there after my post back in 2011.


@igogo, “does not work” will not help fix anything that may need fixing.

Did you see on

The cue2lbl conversion is rather finicky. It examines only three field (record) types: FILE, TITLE and INDEX. The order that these appear in is important. The easiest way to see the CUE sheet format this tool knows how to parse, is to convert some labels first and look at the resulting CUE sheet output.

I don’t know where your post has gone, but I suggest you repost in being as specific as possible. I’ve removed you from moderation.


Oops, my mistake :blush:
I just had a quick look and saw that there are no posts in that topic waiting for moderation and that the final reply in that topic was a reply from Gale. I did not check the date.
However, I did check the on-line converter ( and it is working.

I’ve recognized my issue. The problem was Encoding of my label.txt file.
UTF-8 file is opened correctly.
ANSI file throw a message “Could not open file: E:lll2.txt”

Are you talking about importing a label text file into Audacity? If so, that would be correct. See the yellow box at the bottom of