Creating the compression and rarefaction of speech in sine tone

So this is an idea I’ve come up with for audio subliminal. I don’t have any idea how speech is encoded in digital audio files, like mp3s, wav, etc, I would like to know if it is possible to extract the main characteristics of a speech, like the pattern of compression and rarefaction of a spoken phrase, retain that patten but make it sound like a sine wave tone, so that the patten is processed by the mind and spoken phrase understood but the conscious mind hears a sine wave tone.

Is it possible to make without a masking noise.

What you’re describing sounds like “sine speech” …

Something like this but this is not pure sine wave, it has been modulated with the pattern of speech.

Could amplitude-modulate a “pure” (constant frequency) sine wave with the envelope of speech, (via an envelope follower), but the result won’t contain enough information to be comprehensible, e.g. …

[ whereas sine wave speech can be understood, once you’ve heard a few before-after examples ].

Thanks for this, is there anything which can be done to make it retain enough information to be understood by mind but without reaching the conscious awareness?

I believe sine speech is the bare minimum amount of information necessary to be understandable.