Crashing on Yosemite

I’m sorry I didn’t read up on this forum before I “upgraded” to Yosemite (which I did on the recommendation of a friend for “security reasons”.)
But I did upgrade and 2.0.6 has been acting strangely since then–crashing at the end of a chain I’ve put together that includes noise gate, compression, de-click, and amplify; crashing when I try to save a new recording, and…I forget what other instances. The recovery is always fine–except for the time wasted by the long chain. (And I’m not using any of the Apple plug-ins.)
I’ve got a crash report that I’ll attach to this post, and maybe it’ll have some info about what happened. (As soon as I figure out what to do about the pdf and docx formats that I’ve got it in… nothing I did seems to work, I’ll have to do some research. In the meantime, do you even want a crash report?)

But in the meantime, I’ve downloaded mac-audacity-weekly-debug-2015.01.11-04.15-audacity-macosx-ub-2.1.0 and when I’ve finished my current projects for audiobooks will install and test it.
So my question is…what should I look for when installing this beta version? I’ll keep the current version of course, and should I move the folder with the plug-ins to the new folder? (Copy them is likely better.) Maybe there’s a section of the manual that you could direct me to that will step by step me through.
Thanks in advance.

I started a new topic for you about stability of Audacity on Yosemite.

It might still be worth seeing, though the 2.1.0-alpha is our current code as you know. We never claimed 2.0.6 supported Yosemite.

What I do after opening a crash report in the console is to click in the report, COMMAND + A, COMMAND + C then open Text Pad, paste and save as a text file.

We call it “alpha”. We had “Beta” versions several years ago which were actual releases, but more experimental and less stable.

The 2.1.0-alpha you got is old now. If you don’t mind downloading again it would be better to use

Could you try to repeat the same actions that crashed in 2.0.6 and keep a record of what the actions were, step-by-step?

Also could you please attach your Chain that crashes. You can find it at

 ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Chains

Let us know whether you are applying the Chain to an open project or to files in a folder. If you are applying to files, what are the file types?

Any crash reports for 2.1.0-alpha would be very much appreciated.

All you should need to do is create a new folder in /Applications called “Audacity 2.1.0-alpha Debug” or similar. Mount the DMG then drag the “Audacity” folder out of the DMG into your new folder.

There is a new crossfadetracks plugin in the alpha and the two crossfade plugins in 2.0.6 have been removed. Folder merging is not easy on Mac, so probably the simplest thing to do is to copy any plugins you added to 2.0.6 into the new plugins folder in 2.1.0.



“thanks” she says… to which I reply, “Oh no, thank YOU!”

I’ve installed the 2.1, copied over the plug-ins that weren’t included (noisegate, de-click and de-ess, wavestats), not installed any of the Apple plug-ins since I’m not familiar with them, and am starting to use the new Alpha version.

The only thing I see right off the bat is that the chain that I’ve set up doesn’t “recognize the De-Clicker batch command.” I went in to see if I could edit the chain and maybe rename the “de-clicker” to “declicker”, since that’s how it appears in the plug-in folder; but no. Also, I’m not “batching” it, only using it for a small selection of a file that is open and active. (Or is “batch” being used as a term for the operation rather than a number of files?) The chain starts with the de-clicker, then the noisegate, then the compressor, then an amplify.

And the odd thing is, the de-clicker works from the effects menu.

I’m just getting started here and no crashes yet! And other than the chain not recognizing the De-Clicker, everything else is wonderful. When and if something untoward occurs, I’ll let you know, with a crash report copy.

And THANKS again.

Hello again…or is it “still”?
The chain is not working, but that’s OK, I am.
Here are some of the crash reports attached–some when I try to stop recording and some when I wake the computer with the file open and start to edit it.
I read the first one and downloaded another set of plug-ins—the ones that go into the system library.
Hope these help. And in the meantime, I’m still able to get a lot of work done with Audacity.
cheers and thanks
log2.txt (2.32 KB)
log.txt (2.32 KB)
log2.txt (4.15 KB)

It’s a “he” but never mind - I have an unfortunate name.

Did you create that Chain in the 2.1.0-alpha version or in some other version of Audacity?

Is this Chain using the De-Clicker from Updated De-Clicker and new De-esser for speech and Missing features - Audacity Support?

If there are any Chains that crash Audacity or don’t work, please attach them. They should be at ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Chains.


Thanks, but those are actually Audacity logs and don’t tell us anything.

What might help would be the Mac crash report from /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/.


the chain was created in 2.0.6
the de-clicker came from the link you supplied, as did the noise-gate.

And Audacity doesn’t crash on the chain, it just doesn’t recognize de-dlicker. I’ll go in and create a new chain with 2.1 alpha and see if it works.

and here are two of the latest crash reports (though I’m not sure I can load them, since they’re not .txt, they’re .diag.) I’ll supply the txt extension and see if I can do that.
Yes, they’ll upload, but can you read them? Are they really text? Or console files.

and thanks again (or “still”)
Sleep Wake Failure_2015-01-31-230012_Garys-MacBook-Air.txt (273 KB)
powerstats_2015-02-05-023129_Garys-MacBook-Air.txt (282 KB)

and the new chain, created in 2.1 seems to run just fine!! Thanks for the tip–chains don’t transfer from 2.0.6 to 2.1! They need to be rebuilt.

Hmm, they should do. It was broken then fixed, at least on Windows. I’ll test. I would prefer we didn’t have a regression that Chains don’t migrate to the new Audacity version.


It was indeed an issue, but it has been fixed now for 2.1.0 release. Thanks for mentioning it.

Those are not really what we are looking for either. If there is anything useful there, the file should have a “.crash” extension and it will mention Audacity at the top.

The “sleep wake failure” file doesn’t apparently contain anything relevant to Audacity, so it looks like Audacity was the victim of the system not waking up quickly enough.