Crackling sound over voice - Help!

Hey guys. I need help! I’m producing a Podcast for two hosts who record remotely. One is using a PC and the audio sounds excellent. The other is using a MAC and there’s a crackling sound over his voice throughout the episodes. His recording levels are good so it doesn’t seem to be a clipping issue. I can send a clip so you can hear what I’m talking about. Has anyone run into this issue before? Because the clicking is on top of the voices, it’s pretty much impossible to clean it up so we’re dumping great content.

Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Mic
Audacity: Latest version
Computer: MAC

There is a forum post with the mostly likely culprits.


Each portion of the show arrives as a very high quality, individually-recorded sound file, right? Hopefully, not MP3…

If your only show work is a mixed final from all the performers, you can stop reading now. It’s hopeless.

There may be a way to partially rescue that one voice file. There are tools to get rid of pops and clicks in a phonograph recording. The “car hair” filter. And there are unpublished tools that can be used to get rid of lip smacks or “wet mouth noises” (I love that phrase). It’s worth experimenting with those in order to save the show.