Converting numbers to strings and strings to lists

This topic seems to be a bit outdated but the string-to-list-function was exactly what I needed for changing label tracks with nyquist. With integer and float values it works great but with text I got some surprising results, for example:

(print (string-to-list "999    D-Major 45 Em   2.1 A 4.0001 Test .123456789"))

leads to

(999 D-MAJOR 45 EM 2.1 A 4.0001 TEST 0.123457)

Returned Text is given in uppercase except strings. Therefore I extended this function to avoid
every text in uppercase:

(defun string-to-list (string)
  (mapcar #'str-to-num (remove "" (read (make-string-input-stream 
    (format nil "(\"~a\")" (string-replace " " "\" \"" string)  ))) :test 'equal)  ))

Now the above print-command leads to:

(999 "D-Major" 45 "Em" 2.1 "A" 4.0001 "Test" 0.123457)

which is more appropriate for me (" should be avoided in the string).
“string-to-list” needs a helping function, that I haven’t found as
a build-in in Nyquist:

(defun string-replace (old new str)
  (let ((len (length old)) (pos 0) (posnew 0) (newstr "") )
      (setf posnew (string-search old str :start pos))
      (when (null posnew) 
        (setf newstr (format nil "~a~a" newstr (subseq str pos) ))
        (return newstr))
      (setf newstr (format nil "~a~a~a" newstr (subseq str pos posnew) new ))
      (setf pos (+ posnew len)))))

This substring-replacing-function is necessary to put quotes around all elements in the string to avoid uppercases. I needed a further function that I derived from number-string-p in “aud-do-support.lsp” to convert back all strings that are numbers:

(defun str-to-num (str)
  (let ((num (string-to-number str)))
    (if (numberp num)

Limitations of this function are discussed in Numbered Labels.
Maybe this code can be helpful for any other.
Good luck,