Convert MP3 to Midi

I am new to Audacity and I cannot find the option to export a midi file from an MP3 file - can anyone help please
Cheers Brian

Doesn’t speak MIDI enough to do that.

That would be rough for a program that does speak MIDI. MIDI is machine control. The first thing it has to know is exactly what the instrument is and you can’t easily get that from an MP3 file. If the MP3 is mixed music, nobody can do that.


Thanks for the reply - it seams I can’t convert MP3 to Midi
However I have now found under the file heading Import with a selection for midi.
Have done this with a midi file in order to mute a track but can’t make the program play back my midi file

Audacity does not play MIDI (well, unless you compile it with experimental features).

Audacity’s MIDI limitations and lists of useful MIDI applications are here:

As Koz said, MP3 to MIDI is hard even for applications that try to do it.


You need a real MIDI interpreter/manager/sequencer. Software that knows what MIDI commands are and how to change them.