Constant Volume Level amongst Tracks

Hi All,

I’m doing audio readings from a book for a project I’m working in. They are being recorded on my iPhone7 via Voice Record Pro, uploaded to my Google Drive, then downloaded to my Macbook where I tweak them with Audacity. Each track is a specific line entry in the table of contents, so in the end I’ll have about 70ish individual tracks.

I record in a quiet room at work, but I do not have a “standard” setup (normally I’m just holding the phone near me, so every day it’s slightly different). I know it’s not optimal, but it’s just for personal use, and so far the audio quality has been pretty decent after applying the below changes, which I do with each track:

Noise Reduction → (w/ quiet section)
Amplify → (individually for each file)
[Custom Chain] (see pic)

However, one thing I’ve noticed is slight volume differences track to track. For the most part these aren’t too bad, but from a user experience I’d still like to be able to find one kind of “constant” volume level that every track is at, w/o clipping.

What’s the easiest way to do this, considering every track is recorded at a slightly different volume? (Depending on how monotone I’m being that morning, how far away the phone is, etc.)


You could try the plugin ReplayGain. See Installing Nyquist plug-ins on Mac.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Now for another noob question -

The first part of it says, ‘Import all of the tracks for the compilation into Audacity.’

How do we do this, w/ all tracks in one Window? When I’ve imported them before (I’ve only been using Audacity for about a week), they come in as if they’re back tracks to be mixed together.

Is there a way to see them each separately as individual sequential containers vs. just arranging them horizontally in a single master track or diagonally spacing them out as each track ends?

After import, Edit > Select > All then Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End. See Tracks Menu - Audacity Manual.