Consistent volume across files

Hi there,

I’m working on a project that requires several different audio clips (think, Question/Answers). I’m having an issue where my answers come out louder than my questions. I’m not changing mic settings and I’m trying to keep my distance from the mic the same. Is there a way to make sure the volume stays consistent across files?


Could RMS Normalize each clip to some constant value.

And/or try LevelSpeech2.ny plugin to level out volume on multiple clips at once.

You can also try the [u]Audiobook Mastering Process[/u] (which includes RMS level matching), but for the best results you might have to master each question & answer separately and that may be more than you want to do.

I am using the mastering suite tools on each file separately and the volume still comes out different.

If I use the levelspeech plug in would that be after I’ve run the mastering sequence? Any other ideas?