Audacity needs an append command to concatenate small files into a large one.

Append-Import is a feature request. Koz

There is a plug-in available here:
Please read the topic for instructions and limitations of this plug-in.

Is there any particular reason why this has been posted in the French forum?
Also, it would be better to log onto the forum using your real IP address as using a proxy IP triggers the forum spam control filters which could cause your account to be deleted.

I added the user’s vote for this as you asked. Thanks!


I just grabbed the first forum link that I could find after searching thru the Audacity website. Apparently it was the wrong link for me.
I don’t understand the rest of your comment; perhaps my router does this proxy stuff.
As to the appending, in the past I added onto each small track using import, copy, paste, and cut. But after 20-30 times this packing became annoying due to mistakes. It would be far easier to select Import-append, then ctl-a and enter to get all the ducks lined up.

Topic moved to “Recording Techniques” (probably fits here as well as anywhere).

Have you tried the plug-in that I suggested? It’s certainly not a perfect solution as there are technical limitations to what can be done with a Nyquist plug-in, but you may find it useful.