Concatenating tracks

Win 10/Audacity 3.1.3

I have audio-recorded 23 pages of a book as 23 separate WAV files.
I choose File, Import, Audio and in the dialogue box select the 23 WAV files in the sequence they are to be assembled into a single track; this is usually by file name (Page222.wav, Page 223.wav., Page224.wav etc) or by date/time recorded.

I see a pane with 23 tracks in the correct sequence for assembly from top to bottom.

I am looking for an easy way to assemble the tracks, by keyboard command or perhaps by an Audacity macro.

There is no need for me to specify the files - I did that with the File, Import, Audio dialogue box.
There is no need for me to sort the tracks - I did that with the File, Import, Audio dialogue box.

For the past week I have been dragging the title bar of track2 to a point just to the right of track1, then dragging track3 behind track2, and so on.
One of these days I am going to drag a track to the wrong place and not realize my error, and that worries me.
Thanks for any advice
Chris Greaves

PS. I have an examination of Nyquist on my list of things-to-do; I am not against Nyquist as a solution; I just haven’t got that far yet.

  1. “Ctrl + A” (select All)
  2. “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End” (see: Tracks Menu: Align Tracks - Audacity Manual)

When you Export, the tracks will be mixed down into a single file.

Thank you Steve; you have expanded my knowledge of Audacity.
I used your code then modified it (I am a programmer after all!):-

Comment:_="Entry: The set of files has been loaded in the required sequence (File, Import,Audio)"
Comment:_="Exit:  The assembled file will be found in the folder 'macro-output' within your project folders (Edit, Preferences, Directories)"
Comment:_="Thanks to steve

Comment:_="ConcatenateFiles END"

I have set myself a schedule of making one macro a day, each day I write a macro with a “new” command.
My theory is that this will introduce me to each of the commands at a manageable rate.
Today you have propelled me forwards by two days! :sunglasses:
Thanks again

Note that the scripting commands are not set in stone. These commands are still relatively new, and some issues have been found over the last few years that have required a few commands to be updated. I think that the commands are likely to remain pretty much the same for a good while, but some changes are possible.

Thanks for the heads-up, Steve.
In my current state I am comfortable with learning each command as an exercise in learning what Audacity can do for me. A change down the road will not have the impact that “just not knowing” does.
You can imagine how much time I have spent over the past week or so, manually dragging each of 27 tracks up to the top track, with the mouse! My little macro with your commands makes life a breeze!

Apropos: I have been looking for a text list of the commands that pop up when I choose “Insert” while constructing a macro. If such a text list exists, I could turn it into my own checklist as I make use of each command. Right now I am scrolling left and right to fins commands that might be useful.

My priority task is to be aware of what Audacity can do, to avoid asking a grillion questions of how to do something.
I learn by doing, so I feel better off trying to develop a macro, and then asking for help with my macro, rather than the other way round.

See the “All Commands” scripting reference: Scripting Reference - Audacity Manual
(“All Commands” is in the list in the left column “Reference” section)

A good way to learn - works for me :wink: