Clipping after RMS Normalization

I’m getting pretty discouraged.

Stop doing that.

It’s easy to go off the rails with this process. It is almost without question like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Last first. Frying mosquitoes doesn’t respond well to Noise Reduction. 18dB of reduction is guaranteed to cause tonal sound damage—talking into a milk jug. There is a special tool for that noise.

This is also where you find out it’s a terrifically good idea to File > Export WAV copies of all your original, raw, uncorrected, performances. We can’t take corrections out of a sound file and if anything goes seriously wrong in editing, you get to read it all over again—unless you kept the WAV copies. Then just open up the clean WAV version and keep going.

Mosquito-Killer4.ny (360 Bytes)
You have to install it into the Audacity plugins folder.

This is the tool designed to deal with that whine noise. It defaults to “8” mosquitoes and that almost always does it.

Yeti Pros don’t like Macs.

That’s good to know. It’s almost 100% certain Yeti Pros don’t have Frying Mosquitoes.

As we go. I need to leave the house for a while.

Clipping after RMS Normalization

Did you follow Audiobook Mastering 4? The suite of tools doesn’t have that problem.

I gotta go.