Change Speed - Stretch audio to a specified length

Probably, but another user could be wanting to contract a track to synchronise with another.

More advanced users may see an inference to time stretching, which is not what this plug-in does.

Yes, perhaps, but I think on the whole it’s less open to misinterpretation than “Stretch”. Perhaps it could even just be called “Length”.

Hence the suggestion that built-in Change Speed should address that issue (IIRC, Vaughan was not strongly opposed to adding Length boxes when someone on feedback@ asked for this). Then we wouldn’t need “StretchAudio”.

Also, what proportion of users realise that extra Nyquist plug-ins are available, or want that inconvenience for such an obvious limitation in the built-in effect?

Aside: Perhaps we should have a “Download” button in Effects Preferences pointing to Wiki Download Nyquist Plug-ins?

Do you mean what coding language Change Speed is written in?

Is anyone planning Nyquist GUI in the near future?

I think we had agreed not to load the interface with text even in optional plug-ins. We can use Help screens (Nyquist error interface) or a bundled help text file until there is a proper Help button, allied with good choice of label names.

In “Change Speed (ny)”, the ;info text “Enter the required duration as two numbers” isn’t mandatory (you can enter one number to get seconds). So it is misleading to have that text.