Can't record at the same level as my old tracks on old comp

I just got a new computer, running XP still, same as before, and when I went to record onto some of my old tracks (an audio book) the normal level is bellow the 0.0 db whereas on my old comp it was above it.

Is there a way I can adjust the recording to the same base level as before or to mix them without having the click, when it switches to the new recordings? I have it so the volume is the same as before. I really need help as I am on my final mixes and I don’t want to go back and rerecord entire chapters just to add a little dialogue…Any help would be much appreciated.



You can use “Amplify” (in “Effect” menu) to make the amplitude (volume) of the old and new recordings the same.
Amplify to -0,2 in Audacity 1,3.png
Select the old track, apply amplify, then select the new track and apply amplify again.
The maximum (peak) amplitude on both tracks will then be the same.

If you are saving the file in the mp3 format you may need to set the amplify level (yellow box) to -1 or -2 db to prevent clipping (clicking) when it is converted to mp3.