can't find ffmpeg file

In order to export a file, audacity has to find the ffmpeg file libswscale.0.dylib. But after downloading it and locating it, it doesn’t find it. I don’t know what to do.

Instructions for installing FFMpeg:

I’ve already tried all that. I downloaded the file, located it using the browser, and it still says it’s not there. That’s why I’m really frustrated.

On this page:
try the “alternative zip download” method.

– Bill

The current “normal” download for FFMpeg puts the files and libraries in a Hidden, System folder which you need extra steps to see. The intention is for that install to work smoothly by itself and then Audacity Default is to look in that hidden folder automatically. You never have to see what actually happened.

No, it didn’t work for me, either.


I’m not a Mac user, but according to other posts on the subject the problem could be due to a “permissions” quirk on Macs. If it is then the “Alternative zip download for FFmpeg 0.6.2” should work. Instructions (and a direct link to the zip file) are here:

[edit: oops, I didn’t see that Bill had already suggested that whilst I was typing]