Can't delete audacity-win-2.1.0.exe

Hi, I just downloaded the Audacity installer and after it failed to install, I found that it didn’t actually download the proper file. I had right clicked and chose “save link as” so that Chrome wouldn’t automatically send it to the download folder and I could put it on the desktop. Instead of downloading the 23mb file it downloaded a 57.8kb file. The problem is I can’t delete it. It tells me it’s “being used by another person or program”. I’m using XP btw. I tried rebooting, powering completely down and also safe mode and I still can’t delete it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Please see Important information for Windows XP users about the risks of of using XP.

Please note, Audacity 2.1.0 requires XP Service Pack 3 and a CPU that supports SSE2 instructions. Please see “Extra notes for Windows” in the yellow boxes at the top of

Right-click and “Save as” does not work on or the other download pages because the download links redirect to our trusted download partner Right-click will not work on FossHub either - as with our site, you will just download an HTML page if you right-click.

You can try right-click over the problem file, choose Properties and look at the attributes/blocking or Security settings. If Chrome or something else has a handle open on the file, try Unlocker.


Thanks for the info. I just managed to get rid of it using Process Explorer. Explorer had a handle on it.