Can MIDI be made less percussive?

I’m working on making a Lemmulator—reproducing Motorhead’s bass sound. Nearly there, but the Rickenbacker-sampled bass synth comes out too percussive when put through a valve amp sim on enough gain.

I’ve got the Marshall amp sim and impulses for the 4x12 and 4x15 cabs.

I don’t speak midi. But I know the steepness of the attack of notes can be reduced using a gate , like the free G-gate [ windows only]. Reducing the steepness of the attack makes it sound less percussive.

Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI enough to be useful, and MIDI instrument sounds are pulled from the MIDI interpreter or player. One MIDI drum solo will sound different on different computers or sequencers. If your bass synth sounds bad, then it may be the wrong one for you. I don’t know of any way to change the leading edge of a bass sound without going in and editing the blue waves with the draw tool.

Maybe the envelope tool might be useful.


Thank you.

I can try that.

The VSTi sounds great clean. Going for the Lemmy sound with the hard-driven amp setting he uses doesn’t work as well with the steep MIDI attack.

I use Anvil Studio to play the MIDI and record it as audio for Audacity.

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Regarding the original question, this is not really the right forum. Audacity has very little MIDI capability. Some synthesizers and samplers have controls to change the attack of the notes that they produce. That’s a matter for the synthesizer (the VSTi or whatever kind of synth/sampler you are using). Whoever makes the sampler that you are using would be the best people to ask.

Sorry about that.

If it’s the impact of the plectrum hitting the guitar string you are trying to reduce,
Paul-L’s DeClicker plugin for Audacity will do that , see … , ( even though it wasn’t designed for that purpose ).

Thank you. I downloaded and will try it.

Reverb does it. Each note rides into the next.