Can i normalise 2 different audio levels

Just that sometimes our audio is so far out sometimes, loud/quite it can sound pretty poor some weeks

How are you recording Skype? Some Skype voice processing can be super sensitive to musical tones or just plain music. It will drive its noise filtering nuts and could make the voice pump.

There is a LevelSpeech plugin and a plain RMS Normalize used with audiobooks that have to maintain accurate loudness.

If the volumes are changing through the course of the show, there’s always Chris’s Compressor.

Chris has one bug. It’s a look-ahead processor and doesn’t like running off the end of the track. So either put additional sound on the end of the track or leave trash on there just to give Chris something to chew on.

I use it to compress a podcast with wildly changing volumes. When Chris gets done it sounds like the well-behaved broadcast version.
Chris is unlikely to fix the bug. Chris reached end-of-life.