Black bars appear and make Audacity painful

I often have “black bars” (sorry, I don’t know hos it’s called) that appear, and once they’re there, they make Audacity very painful to use. Apparently it’s impossible to remove them and they have uncontrollable behavior.

I didn’t find the way to insert images, so I will try to describe the problem. There is two types of “annoying” bars.

Type 1.
It’s a vertical bar. Once it appears, it cannot be removed. It cannot be clicked either and if we try to click on it, it initiates playback or creates a couple of bars (type 2).

Type 2.
A set of 2 bars that seem to indicate a loop. Same as type 1, once it there, it cannot be removed. It’s hard to click on it, but we can after some attempts make it so they cover the whole recording. But the type1 bar can interfere and prevent me to start the clip when I want.

I tried several ideas to remove them but nothing worked so far… the only solution is to restart Audacity every time this occurs.

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Sorry, but it doesn’t seem to be related to my question. I don’t see how to avoid or remove these bars once they appear.

I would like to add images to show exactly what I’m referring to, but it seems to be impossible.

How to attach images to posts is explained here …

I have tweaked your account so you should be able to post images now.


Loop marks can be removed by right-clicking on the time-line and selecting Clear Loop. See: Tutorial - Looping