Before I begin narration

If you’re that far along, you may be able to do the mastering yourself. Many people do.

Flynwill wrote ACX Check using a collection of existing tools. It will tell you whether you’re likely to meet ACX technical requirements.

You’re head and shoulders over the people who read the entire book and depend on painful post production processing to “rescue it” if it fails. A rumble filter is included in the suite.

The ACX requirements are not magic. They’re perfectly normal sound requirements and any radio or TV station can meet them. Anybody with a quiet room and reasonable microphone can meet them. You don’t even need a microphone. I did it last week with a stand-alone pocket personal recorder in my quiet third bedroom and I know people who read books with very little more than that.

What you can’t do is plop a USB microphone on the dining room table in the average noisy apartment and crank out audiobooks. This is what the USB microphone makers keep insisting you do. The longest post in the history of the forum was Ian who just wanted to do voice work from his Hollywood apartment. His noisy Hollywood apartment.