batch processing - adding an introduction

Audacity 2.0.3

(I’ve tried searching for what I want and found one thread but that was for Audacity 1.3.x in 2009, so I thought I’d check to see if nothing has changed. Apologies if I missed something - I may have used the wrong search terms.)

I have a few hundred audio files of lectures to which I want to add an identical introduction. (“Welcome to the lecture series! For other recordings in this series, please visit”) Doing this manually would be very time-consuming. Getting the levels right would not be a problem, since all the lectures are at a similar volume and I can easily adjust the volume of the standard introduction to match them.

The old thread said this sort of batch concatenation couldn’t be done in Audacity and to look into SoX. Is that still the current advice?

Thanks in advance.

The situation has not changed much.

There is a plug-in called “Append Import” that may help.
Please read the notes in this topic about usage and limitations:
Unfortunately this cannot be used in a Chain (batch processing) but if may be able to simplify the job a little by positioning the tracks end to end.
This plug-in could be developed so as to concatenate multiple files based on a list of files, then export the result as a WAV file, then move onto the next list of files. If you would be interested in helping to develop this (in particular, helping with testing) then let me know and I’ll be happy to take a look.

Many thanks for the reply, Steve. I need this doing in the next week or two, so I’ll probably use SoX for now.

If I find myself with some free time (completely swamped at the moment) I’ll come back and help with the testing.

SoX is likely to be the quickest way to get the immediate job done, but this does come up from time to time so I think it’d be a useful feature. If you get time in the future, drop a line to this forum topic and we’ll see what we can do :wink: