bad amplification on Dell computer


First, apologizes for my bad english. I’ll try to explain my problem with personnal knowledge and google translate. You know that French people are not enough smart to learn english :laughing:

One of my friend just changed his computer following my advice. And now … audacity dont work correctly on the new computer.
He is a good DJ and make some records on his computer. With the new Dell, records had not the same results like the old computer. Sounds are not “boosted”. When we listen the records, it’s like using earphones even though we are using big speakers.

On his old HP computer all is ok. I tryed with my personnal computer (Dell too) and we notice the same problem. But we dont know which setting we need to use. Pleaze look on attached pictures, you will see the differences between each computer


Is this a know problem with Dell ?

We had try with last version of Audacity and windows 10

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Dell & Windows can both apply “audio enhancements”.
All such enhancement should be turned off for faithful recording & playback.
The Dell-type enhancements are called “Maxx Audio” … Audacity as reverb detector - #5 by Trebor

Hello, thanks for return. We will check that and give you a feedback

I want to say it is August 19 2022 and I AM HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Bough this $1000 Dell (GOD WHY DID I LET THAT GUY CONVINCE ME TO GET IT) 4 weeks ago in Las Vegas, and notice the same problem! THE DELL SOUNDS LIKE CRAP LIKE A TRANSITOR RADIO and the old $300 HP that I bought from walmart 4 years ago that I have been using for my ASMR NARRATING VIDEOS sound RICH AND GREAT. I noticed it but I would just go back to the HP to make my videos but TODAY I decided to figure it out and 6 hours later I find you to see YOU GOING THROUGH THE SAME; WE ARE NOT CRAZY. Another post mentioned that ALL THE PEOPLE HE HEARS with the problem all have DELL!!! I have DELL 7506 INSPIRION. I have went though all the settings one by one, both computers open but nothing gives; DELL WITH AUDACITY SOUND LIKE SHIT! I hope someone can help us figure it out!

Or April 19 2022. :smiley:

@lifeasisrael22 Please avoid the bad language. We like to keep this forum as a safe, courteous and family friendly corner of cyberspace.

We are not associated with DELL or any other computer manufacturers.
Many PC manufacturers use very cheap sound cards, speakers and microphones to keep the costs down. There’s nothing that we can do about that.
For high quality audio production it is almost always necessary to purchase better quality audio equipment than that provided in the PC.


Little feedback to return that there is effectively a problem with Dell. When sound card which is recording is connected, you must set off all sound improvement. After that, all recording are good !
Thanks you for help :slight_smile: