Automatic removal of mouth smacks, again


so far I’ve not been able to work out the settings and the order in which I’m to use the tool’s options (I’m very new to the business of audio).

I’ve added a “Click test” to the OneDrive folder I have in that other thread in case you’re interested. They mainly seem to be in the gaps so, of course, I can manually remove them.!43644&authkey=!AK_9aA0m-UdA7V4&ithint=folder%2c.mp3


The first control is a drop down. Choose Apply to really fix it. Choose Isolate to hear only what gets subtracted. The other settings only make labels where fixes will be with debug information.

One way to experiment with settings is duplicate the track and use isolate in one. If you play both, you will hear the fix because of destructive interference. Or you can play just the isolated fixes solo to be sure not too much is changed. Or you can play the original solo to compare.

Look here for updates…