Automate Envelope tool - auto-duck

I’ve looked around and can’t find this noted anywhere so…
I find using the envelope tool finicky, hard to drag the nodes with accuracy. I frequently want to quickly mute a section of a track with envelope because it is reversible. To make it easier to use, it would be nice to select a section of music, then have an interface ask you to accept or select ducking settings and then click, you’ve turned down a section.

Me too. I particularly find the logarithmic (curved) fades to be awkward to work with.

There will be some new plug-ins coming out later this year and next, for handling envelopes in a more automated way. These tools depend on the new “Scripting” support that will be available in the next Audacity release.
Some information about scripting in these links:


Steve’s dynamic mirror plugin can do precision ducking … Loop samples - #2 by Trebor