Audio flat and muffled, is there a way to fix?

Mine? -6 is what it’s set to in OBS, it does spike now and again for some Ps and Ss, oddly enough as the lapel mic isn’t right in front of my mouth and it has the foam cover over it. And it’s rare, I had like 3 ish in 30 min on the last clip I edited. Those spike to -1 to 0, definitely touches red on the VU. So I Noise Reduce once and it does a pretty good job. There are spots where the NPC is talking and I shut up to not drowned them out so I use one of those spots to get my sample from. Then I limit the spikes back to -6. KSHMR the resulting, and I was -6 Limiting it again before exporting it. Though at someone’s suggestion the last I did the -3 bass reduction and using Couture in Vocal DeEssing factory default (since I have * no * idea how to configure it myself ) after the KSHMR and then -6 Limit then exporting. In a separate instance I normalize the game audio to -6 so they are equal and one isn’t louder than the other. Though TBH I pulled -6 out of thin air, through trial I found that, in OBS’s VU, the number that stayed out of the red 99% of the time. Only these weird pops go that far.

To be honest I setup KSHMR to someone’s suggestion as even that is like looking at an airplane cockpit. But I am trying hard to make my videos watchable on Youtube. Why I am going to go through the hassle to replace my keyboard key switches to brown so I reduce the annoying sharp ear piercing clicks that get recorded in due to my blue switches. Learning Kdenlive as it’s the only editor that I’ve found works with MKV and 2 audio streams so I can record in MKV with 2 audio streams, game separated from voice. It was that or trying to record in Audacity, do some trick to synch them up with the game audio. But the MKV with 2 streams is a lot simpler and it’s in synch right off.