audio distortion pm victus 3060 15"

I’m new to the forum. My situation is this. I just bougth an HP Victus gamer computer with a Nvidia graphics card -for video creative work I do. I’m recording a Voice-Over and I’m getting occasional drop-out and distortion (it’s not consistent just intemittent) as if I’m overmoduating. Do I need to get a plug-in or something for this notebook computer? I never had any issues with my former HP notebook - not optimized for gaming…just a standard notebook. Thanks for in advance. – Chris

Then odds are that “audio enhancements” have been enabled, either in Windows sound,
and/or via the computer manufacturer, e.g. MaxxAudio, to maxximize the gaming experience.

If you want a faithful recording, recording (i.e. microphone), enhancements* should be disabled.
[* e.g. Noise reduction, echo reduction ].

Following your suggestion seems to have eliminated distortions and over-driving the RODE microphone. thanks I appreciate your taking the time to help fix my problem. Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year to you!

-Chris Cox