server is slow & times out [SOLVED]

XP Home, last updates available
Audacity v2.0.6
.exe installer
Firefox 34.0.5

Hello, I was hoping to post a question to the forum but the website is taking FOREVER to load every page. Same thing for all content, whether wiki or forum. It seems that I need to post about this problem before I can post about my actual Audacity problem. I actually had to try loading this page 3 times before it finally loaded without timing-out. (If we are all reading this as a post, then it appears that my submission thankfully worked the first time.)

I tried more than 10 other websites and they all load lighting-fast. I don’t see how this could be anything but an server problem.

Am I wrong? Any suggestions?

Sorry you had a problem.

I have e-mailed you. If you choose to reply, please include your IP address (you can find it by visiting What Is My IP) and the date and times of day you attempted to visit. Then we can check the server logs.

Please be careful with XP. It is a security risk given Microsoft no longer supports XP with patches. See


Thank you, I will reply via email. If security is an issue, then maybe we can figure it out there instead of here.

Thank you for taking the time to converse with me on email, even though we were not able to figure out the problem.

I have good news: The website works normally for me now.

I have not changed any settings or hardware on my end. I have no idea what was causing the problem. All I know is that the site loads very quickly for me now, and without errors. Woohoo! :smiley:

By the way, I am still using XP. Everybody keeps talking about security issues, but I have not had any security hiccups since 2009. No viruses, nothing. Have used free AMW programs like MSE and MBAM. I don’t visit the dark side of “The Internets” or download weird stuff. Maybe that’s why. Have seen a few DOS attacks in my router logs over the years, but I don’t think I ever actually had any related problems. Did not see any DOS attacks while I was having issues with the Audacity website.

Hi. Around 11am GMT there is a server situation going on (backup related). We are working on improving it, but it will require some time, and resources.

Please, bear with us during this period. Thank you all.