Audacity will open its GUI, but everything beyond leads to system crash

I’m happy if you are :slight_smile:

My laptop has two graphics cards, an Intel skylake on-board, and an Nvidia. Normally I used the Nvidia, but I had a go switching to the Intel.

I have i965-va-driver 1.7.0-1, and kernel version 4.15.0-34-generic.
After switching to the Intel, the laptop failed to boot :astonished:

Fortunately I was able to boot with an older kernel and switch back to the Nvidia.
Google then lead me to the missing intel.conf that you spoke of, but I suspect the problem may be rooted in the hyper-threading bug ( I’ll have to see if there is a bios update for my laptop when I next upgrade the system. In the meantime, I’ll stick with the Nvidia.

Quite. If it works…

Problem for me was, that mine didn’t!