Audacity Plugin for Glitch Art


To my knowledge, Audacity can be used to create glitch art, the workflow will look something like the following:

  • Convert your image to TIFF

  • Import into Audacity as raw data (using A-Law)

  • Apply sound effects, such as reverb

  • Export as raw data (using A-Law)

  • Open the exported image as TIFF

Is it possible to create a plugin for Audacity to do the non-fun part of this?
The plugin would have to have access to the filesystem and be able to interface with Audacity to import and export the data.
To make things much easier, maybe the plugin would open a window and display the glitched image in real-time, as it is being modified.

I have absolutely no experience with developing for Audacity and I understand several ways are possible. What do I need to know in regards to this (e.g. Nyquist scripting cannot do this)?
I am a decent programmer, but I’ve never touched this domain.

Probably the easiest way to automate would be with a 3rd party automation app such as “AutoHotkey”.

Alternatively you could consider the non-free program “photosounder”, which is specifically designed to do the boring bits. The current price is $79 and a free demo is available.

You’re probably right that developing a plugin isn’t the most practical approach, as it probably requires a lot of work.
However I am still interested in whether it is possible or not to extend Audacity for something like this.
The project would be for fun.

I think it’s possible, but difficult.

Audacity does not understand Tiff (or bmp, or any other image format), so you would need to handle those conversions outside of Audacity (for example, in Python)

Audacity does not currently have a Macro command for “Import RAW” or “Export RAW”.
Some possible ways that could be solved:

  • Modify the Audacity C++ and create these two Macro / Scripting commands
  • Write a pair of Nyquist plug-ins to perform binary read / binary write
  • Use an external scripting language (Python) to add RIFF headers to you data files before importing and then strip them off again after exporting

I guess those were the two parts that you want to automate.

Thanks a lot for your replies :slight_smile:

Glitching photos & video is possible in Audacity