Audacity keeps crashing and/or going extreamly slow

Is this a problem with 3.03? because so far I see no solutions

With Audacity closed, copy the AUP3 to your “Documents” folder, then launch Audacity and try to open the new copy.
(“cloud” drives are not suitable for “live” Audacity projects. They are OK for storing AUP3 files, but you are likely to have problems if you try to run the project from a cloud drive)

also, every time it crashes I get a message that says

Exception code 0x1/ Click send to report to Audacity

Ok, I’ll do that. It’s still loading extremely long (like it is now) But I’ll update you if it ends up working or not

Yea so it’s still taking unacceptably long. I tried it under documents, downloads, and even google drive, the same result. It’s really weird because I opened this multiple times yesterday and it went through, but now I can’t even do it. I don’t know what made it so slow to process when it was completely fine before and I did nothing to the file other than save multiple copies to different outlets. It’s not corrupted because all the data is on the file how I left it. If anyone from audacity can message me to help walk me through this would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, this is due really soon and I’m still getting nowhere with any of this.

in fact, can someone jump on a zoom with me today so I can show you exactly what’s happening?

If you can just open it once, and then export as WAV, then you can try jademan’s suggestion.

Ok I’ll keep trying

If you want, upload it on a public server, then PM me a link; I’ll look at it.

cool, sent!

I did not get it. That is I never got a PM.

Weird, I just sent again, it must have went to a draft

just let me know if you got this one. I’m new to this forum, I didn’t know my message didn’t send

Got it. Tomorrow…

So far, I have been unable to extract any data from this project. I have turned it over to the developers. We’ll have to wait for their report.


just out of curiosity, have you used the Envelope tool while editing your audio?

Our developer has been able to extract the .WAV data from your .AUP3 file. A link to a new (zipped) .AUP3 file has been provided to you separately. :smiley:

Yes I did! I used it alot

Ooooph, we will need to tackle that bug down :frowning:

You had literally 21,242,357 envelope points, this is surely a bug in Audacity. I’m not sure how to reproduce it though.

I see you have generated a new post on the forum, which is the proper place for this question. See here: Audacity Configuration Error