:smiley: Hello, I have my screenshot of my phone here with the equalizer settings I need. This settings is what I want to get at Audacity, can anyone help me?

You asked the same question before Need help about EQUALIZER! it seems.

You can use the Graphic EQ sliders in Audacity’s Equalization effect to set amplification changes for different frequencies similar to those in your picture.

We can’t tell you what different frequencies are amplified in your phone’s Dance settings. You may be able to find out if you ask on the forums of your phone manufacturer. However where are you trying to play your songs - on the phone or on better quality speakers? EQ settings that work on your phone may be inappropriate for better quality speakers with more bass response.

Also have a look at Submit your EQ Curves It’s a long topic but there are some Audacity EQ settings provided there as XML files which you can import into Audacity’s Equalization effect as presets.


Yep it’s a little the same as my last post but since I still cant find any answers. I really want to get those curves settings to my audacity project. :neutral_face: Im using earphones/headset.

Please read the pages that I linked to in my previous reply: Need help about EQUALIZER! - #2 by steve