Audacity debug reports



Audacity 2.1.3
Macbook 10.7.5

One more look at my open Audacity before commenting. ok … so…

Debug reports with nearly every use. Seems to occur after a couple hrs of use. Same scenario each time.

This is (vo) eLearning, therefore, multiple tracks in a single window. up to (5-10) 3-5 minute recordings. tho at that point i am likely to save & start anew (its called learning from the past) course i diligently save as I go now.

Problem occurs almost always during playback where its “play stop select delete play stop copy paste play stop” pretty rapid fire. then ill tap the space bar (to stop playback) it doesnt respond. UH OH HERE WE GO AGAIN! the experience then becomes one of playback wont stop/no other commands can be given BUT with each tap of the space bar/mouse click (of the STOP button for ex) emits my mac’s “error” sfx … as the playhead just continues to roll into oblivion! NO CHOICE BUT TO RIDE IT OUT! Like it has a mind of its own or is POSSESSED!!! sfx reminds me of the bong BONG bong BONG bongggg from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind …haha remember THAT kiddies!!! :laughing: Anywho after some time it eventually stops/DEBUG appears. (always complete & return the report.) :smiley:

I exit all other programs including browsers/drive, giving audacity all the room it needs. it never recovers.

Thanks!!! I checked the board first … nada

NO RUSH … its not killing me just annoying me THANK GOD FOR AUDACITY RECOVERY! omg thank you!

What questions do you have for me (bc I know you will!!!) :unamused:

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Please could you give us more information to go on. Attach one of the debug reports. See and how to attach files to forum posts.

If there is a Mac crash report for Audacity at /Applications/Utilities/, please attach that too.

Please tell us exactly what audio device you are using for playback (make and model number if it’s an external device you attach to the computer). If it’s an external device, does it connect by USB or Firewire?

You could try pressing the keys more slowly. In particular if you select by mouse, release the mouse before using a keyboard shortcut such as delete.

Have you tried this: Quit Audacity. Open Finder then Go menu > Go to Folder. Paste or type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

In that “audacity” folder, delete the file “audacity.cfg”. This deletes your old settings and starts with factory-fresh ones.