Attaching/Forwarding recorded link

I need to send voice sample to potential employer but can find link to attach. This is all I’ve been able to locate in Owner files :e0000bf3 and that can’t be forwarded as an attachment.
I have Vista O.S. just in case that matters.

As you probably already know, I’m severely cyber challenged:(

Appreciate your advice.

Audacity will not Save a sound file. Those are fragments of an Audacity Project. Don’t lose any of them or your show may not play at all.

Open your performance and File > Export As WAV.

That will give you a sound file that you can send in an email.

Those are pretty large, so you can also Export as MP3 This will give you a much smaller sound file at some expense of quality. That will require you install more software to your PC.

Download and install the “lame” software from the same place you got your Audacity, so you get the right version.


Thanks so much for your reply. Per you suggestion, I did export my recording to save in WAV files. Then I tried downloading
AVS Audio Converter
Convert various audio file types - MP3, WAV, WMA, PCM, OGG, AAC, AMR and others. Add and modify tags.

Once download was complete, a pop up said something like, not allowed, or no permission, unable to install.
Geez, what now?

AVS and Audacity are unrelated programs, AVS is a paid for product, Audacity is free.

Apparently you, like others, have downloaded AVS by mistake when you tried to download Audacity …

I deleted AVS files and downloaded Lame/sourceforge. Wasn’t too sure if Lame downloaded properly but went ahead and did another test recording. Saved recording by exporting. When I tried attaching it to an email, received following error message:

Testrecord3[1].wav is not a valid Win32 application.

The LAME encoder thing is only required for saving files in the mp3 format and is irrelevant if you are saving as a wav file … “Testrecord3[1].wav”

I’ve attached a short wav test noise file to this post (created using Audacity) which you can use to test your email attachment procedure.

If you get an error message when you attempt to attach this test noise file to an email then you need to read up on how to attach files to emails, (see your email provider/programme), i.e. not an Audacity problem.

[BTW If your audio project is more than a few minutes long you should install the LAME encoder so you can use the mp3 format with Audacity, as using MP3 produces much smaller file sizes than WAV. e.g. your 3 minute WAV may be too large to send by email, a 3 minute mp3 will be about 1/10th the size]

Thanks for sending test recordings. When I saved/attached and sent via email, the following error report popped up:WAV format {1}.wav is not a valid WIN32 application.
You’ve been so kind and generous with your time, I really appreciate it however, I think Audacity is just too complicated for me to manage. I’m going to delete and hopefully find a simpler program that will allow me record/save/forward.

Thanks again for your time and advice.

That’s not a problem with Audacity, it’s a problem with your computer. Your computer is trying to run the files as if they are programs, but obviously they are not programs, they are just files.

What media player do you usually use? Can you open the files from Trebor in your usual media player?
What e-mail program are you using?
Do you have a web-mail account (such as Hotmail or GMail?)