Annoying unrecognized artifact

Hi Community,

After trying several tutorials and solutions to help my brother with the attached audio, I am still unable to figure out what the affected frequency is nor the best solution to go around this.

I have tried working directly in the affected areas in the Spectogram after exploring the audio with the Plot Spectrum but I haven’t succededed.

If someone has the time to listen to it, the sound is this loud popping mic or electric noise in the first half of the audio: it repeats 21 times in the first minute of his recording and then disappears. Sometimes is louder and sometimes lower…

I would appreciate any observations about this.


What sort of microphone was used, and how was it held in position?

Hi Steve, thanks for answering.

It was basically filmed in his celphone. He is a viual artist and is sudmitting a video explanation of a piece to a curatorial team. The quality is not good but it will be enough if I’m able to recognize and solve the error.

Paul-L’s declicker plugin on default takes the worst off it.
It sounds like handling-noise.
(it’s not one-take, it could be them repeatedly handling the device to pause it at the end of takes).

It sounds like handling-noise.

What he said. You can do pretty well with phone recording, but you can’t move it around very much.

What is his performance?


As others have said, it sounds like something is tapping against the mic / phone.
I’m impressed with how well Trebor removed the noises. I’m surprised that it worked so well, but I’m guessing that it required fiddling around with the settings to get such a good result (Paul’s declicker effect is not very user friendly).

The recording has lots of discontinuities.
Just did a quick sample “re-draw”, actually goes pretty quickly.
The first second or so could do with a bit more work.

WOW! I am super impressed with the results! I was almost convinced that this specific noise was not probably going away!

I will download the plugins and fiddle around with them.


After talking to my brother, I guess the noise was actually produced by some kind of electronic interference.

I gave him a lot of shit because his art installation is amazangly complicated and sophisticated in terms of visual arts - he not only conceived and built everything in the instalation from scracth but also built all the electronic circuits to produce the interactions- but he could not produced a decent audio GRRR

I attached some pics for those who asked about the installation.

Thanks again!
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 2.59.05 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 2.58.29 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 2.58.09 PM.jpg

That’s not impossible, but it sounds very much like a mechanical problem rather than electronic interference.


Thanks a lot, Trebor! Really impressive that plugin!

Gracias, familia!

Just updating to avoid confussion in case this solution could be useful to someone else:

My brother did some tests in a different room without even touching the celphone and yes, it seems to be a mechanical problem in the mic of the cel itself as suggested.

Problem solved with Paul L’s De-Clicker plugin.