Ann: Simple Dual-Fade Plugin


for my personal use, I’ve created a simple dual-fade plugin:

Hope it is useful for others, too.

Thanks for your contribution.

You may also be interested in the two plug-ins on this page:
They perform a similar function but with some user settings.

Thanks for the pointer. Looks promising. Obviously I didn’t search hard enough before writing my own plug-in :slight_smile: .

There’s nothing wrong with reinvention :wink: Nyquist is there to be used, so we like to encourage experimentation. I hope you enjoyed making your own version.

By the way, if you wish to post more plug-ins, they can be uploaded as attachments to forum posts. To do that, use the “Upload Attachment” feature which is below the message compose box.

Hi Christeck
As I could see on your web page from above, applying the fade is only one of the following tasks:

1.Remove audio in front of the first piece.
2.Remove audio past the final applause of the audience.
3.Fade out the applause.
4.Normalize both channels independently due to mike differences.
5.Add silence between the pieces.
6.Fade in the hum caused by the audience in front of each piece.
7.Fade out the hum at the end of each piece.
8.Create text markers for each piece containing the name of the compser, the name of the piece and the like.
9.Let Audacity do the job by splitting and exporting the audio material based on the text markers.

Maybe my new plug-in “Chain-it-up.ny” could reduce the required Steps even more.

Its purpose is to prepare a couple of tracks to be merged together in the end, but it could also be used for the “quasi opposite”.
The course of action would be:

  1. load the Audio file
  2. split the track manually and move them to individual tracks (with Ctrl-i). It doesn’t matter where the individual tracks start.
  3. After normalization and giving each track its proper name , you can “select all” (ctrl-a) and call my plug-in (chain-it-up). The first slider is for the level of the noise you want to remove from each side of the piece (digital silence = -120 db).
  4. If the fade-in for each track has the same length, the fade-in could also be applied now. Choose in this case the “solely fade-in xxxx” under “transition type” and a duration in the field beneath, press OK.
  5. call the plug-in again, set the threshold to -120 db, choose a fade-out type and its duration and press OK.
  6. In the last step, the tracks must be aligned left and therefore we call the plug-in again. Just change the transition type to “Trim & align left” and press OK.
  7. you can now export the selected tracks as single files.

If you prefer the method with label markers, you can choose “Trim & chain up” in the last step and enter a appropriate time for the gap between the pieces. After the mix down (ctrl-m) you can set the label markers and export your files. If the tracks require different fading times you can proceed one after another, with my tool or any other fade-effect. I hope that was helpful.