Ambient drone

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering how can I create a guitar drone in ambient-music style.
I cannot record directly from aplifier. I’d like to record a simple guitar sound and to process it with effects to obtain a long drone…
I guess I should work with reverb, delay and rev-delay…but I can’t find out a satisfying technique…
Is there anyone who plays ambient music or similar, and could help me?


Time-stretching maybe (e.g. Paul stretch) …

It’s a shame we never got that into Audacity - it’s a really cool effect.

Another option is to record a sustained note, make a copy of the track and apply a fade-in to the start. You can then make multiple copies of the modified note and position them on two or three tracks so that they overlap like this (the “Repeat” effect is useful here) :

Then you can apply reverb, compression and/or other effects.
Here’s a quick sample:

If you just want a drone could try the Harmonic Noise plugin …

It’s more sitar than guitar though.

[ Steve’s pseudostereo plugin here. ]

Thanks for your help! I’ll post what will be created!

I must also confirmed, that Paul stretch is very great to make some unique ambient sounds.