Am I Doing This Right?

Any tips as to how to do this better or reduce the long hours it takes, especially for step 8? Any help is appreciated. I’m already most of the way through this book

You may already be partially hosed. Changing the process or sound quality in the middle of a book is highly not recommended. ACX is very clear they want good chapter to chapter matching. No changes to take you out of the story flow.

I’ll listen in a minute. You’re using a version of the older technique and I wondered why more people didn’t use Chris’s Compressor to take the volume variations out of the work. But you’re right. That’s a lot of drudge per minute of performance.

The new recommended mastering suite has custom-written tools and is way shorter and faster, but it does assume you’re not going to go in word by word and correct it. Did somebody complain about that, or are you just being compulsive?

Audiobook Mastering Ver 4.

If you have a pleasant microphone and good volume, it boils down to three steps: Rumble filter, set RMS (Loudness), beat back any high peaks. Go make tea. Four, including the tea. We can produce an ACX Technical compliant work very quickly. If you have noise, the process goes into extra innings and if you make mouth noises (holding up hand), you may need some of the vocal quality filters.

Noise Reduction 48db Sensitivity 0 db Frequency Smoothing 150

48dB Noise Reduction is stunningly high. The new suite recommends 12 tops, more like 9 or 6.

If you have a half-minute, burn us a forum test voice clip. We want the raw work. No processing.

Record > Stop (cut it down to 20 seconds) > Export.

Read the back of the Corn Flakes box, anything, but do it in your normal voice. One poster read the instructions to produce a test clip.

I am not solving your current problem. You may be able to use this newer technique on the second book.