Agua Caliente

Yeah, that power thing came up pretty quickly.

Regard the recent poster getting the affordable, 48v condenser microphone working on his analog soundcard.

Tell you what, I’ll be turning out reasonable quality work with that thing in my pocket while we get your microphone working.


and I’ll stick with my Zoom H2 for mobile recording.
Anyone tried a “DP-006 Digital 6-Track Pocketstudio” (about$100) for audiobook production?

I did install Garage Band, too. The goal is to get software to stop helping me.

“We can call it the accompany rhythm backing track if you insist, but I just want want you to record until I get done and then stop.”


Old or new H2? The new H2 fell to the marketer’s evil influence. “72 Microphones!!!” The old model is going for original prices on eBay.

My system didn’t cost anything. I know that’s unAmerican, but there it is.


I’ve got the old one, not long after it came out.

I’ve got the old one

You win.

Josh did all of his early stuff on an H2.


My to-do list features finding Josh’s “how to record music” tutorials. I joined the list at Chapter Two or Three. I have no idea where Chapter One is. One of the demonstrations I badly want to find started out a shoot with the microphone atop the camera and switching to the H2 in the middle of a word. It’s a stunning illustration of why Separate Sound is such a good idea → Audacity correction and matching tools.

Also while on the run the other day I past a picture of a camera crew in full operation with a fish-pole microphone. I’ve been after a good picture of that forever. Consider this: Who’s going to shoot it? The talent, camera operator and boom operator are busy. I know prominent boom operators and none of them have pictures of themselves working.


Found it. She probably won’t last long like that. There’s tricks to running a fishpole. I’ve seen body harnesses where you put the bottom of the pole against your tummy.

I used to wonder about women doing that job, but I was at a production meeting talking to one of the sound women about the last production. “It was a little tense, but we got through it OK,” she said and picked me up and put me down out of the way.

I badly want to read a thing I wrote about a completely fictitious dance club, but it cries out for music backing track and that alone could take months.