Advanced voice isolation

been trying out a few guides and plug-ins and such to isolate the voice in this audio clip:

But for no use, the quality of the voice fails. But then again, this is only me failing. I’m not very good with this program, so I was hoping that any one of you could step up to the challenge and help me extract that voice and removing the background noises and music. I know this probably isn’t the place for requests and whatnot, but I’m on a deadline with this so I was hoping to get lucky =)


Voice isolation is notoriously difficult. It’s like trying to extract a banana from a banana milk shake.

This sample has been produce by using the “Vocal Removal” effect in Audacity 1.3.13, then using the result as a noise profile in the Noise Removal effect, and applied to the original audio track. The Equalization effect has then been applied to remove low bass and high treble. Finally the track has been “Envelope” shaped to remove the unwanted parts. With more time and effort tweaking the effects you may achieve slightly better results (this was done quite quickly), but I’ll be surprised if you get much better.

alternatively the spectral subtraction (“Kn0ck0ut”) method …

which has replaced the unwanted music with horrible digital artifacts :frowning:

thank you so much for the help. I think this will suffice for what I need. Thanks a lot. The bit of background music left in Steve’s sample will be no problem.
Thanks both of you, hope you all have a nice weekend ^^

[Ominous voice] Hey, Steve: This is your buddy, Ramon, from the future. Well, 4 years after your post, anyway. :wink:

Check this out: (the PDF contains audio clips)

Then, when you are ready to have your socks blown off, take a seat and watch this one:

It seems like the banana has Houdini-like qualities and inclination…


Terrific Ramon. When are you going to program it for us?

It would be more like steal it, from the Sphinx source code. We will have to, of course, adapt the stolen code for our specific needs…

Wait a minute !! I just realized something!!!

Now that I think about it, the Sphinx source code belongs to the US Taxpayer !!!


ps: Have you seen the thread “KMan, I am glad to report that your problem is solved…” ???

No it doesn’t. It is open source software.

I look forward to seeing your progress with that.

Yes, why?