ACX RMS level

I haven’t gone around and cleaned up the older versions, yet. SetRMS is the older program. The new Program is RMS Normalize. You also need to know the default RMS Normalize isn’t good for audiobooks. Change the setting from -18dB to -20.

The updated and checked AudioBook Mastering version 4 is here.

This document also has a separate paper on noise for when you get that far. There are several Noise updates and programs missing from the older processes. We can recover from some broken microphones now.

One item stressed multiple times down the paper is Export a WAV copy of your raw reading in a safe place. There is a temptation for the New Reader to read a chapter, process, clean it, and submit without ever making backups. The first time something goes wrong, you’ll be reading it again from the beginning.

Let me know if you get stuck on this new process. I tried to make it step by step and relatively simple.