ACX Check Plugin for Windows 10

DB measurements seem to be “upside down,” but they’re actually sizes of negative numbers. More negative is quieter. I drew a quick reference graphic.

Home readers never pass noise. Nobody’s home background noise is a thousand times quieter than a voice.That’s what -60dB means. The Metrobus in front of my house is enough to wake somebody up. That would never pass a chapter reading. So that’s what many readers hit first.

ACX Check looks for a half-second of good, clean, quiet background sound and measures that. So the rest of the show could be a noisy wreck, but it will “pass” ACX. That show is not normal. Nobody’s performance actually does that. That’s broken and it will fail other audiobook tests.

Nobody can read directly into audiobook standards. The best you can do is get close and then use our mastering tools to get you the rest of the way.

Let us know when you get that far.