ACX-check plug-in is 'hidden'

Is there a Genius Bar or Apple Store anywhere near you? Even my sister in Schenectady has one (in next-door Albany). They give classes.

not-really-technical Windows person

Recovering Windows user?

I could usually force Windows to do mostly what I wanted but it was never a good match. I’ve been doing this since DOS. Actually before DOS, but that’s too scary.

Have you seen the T-Shirt:


From before I owned my first machine this didn’t go well. The store lent me a loaner which came with software, and then my ‘real’ machine came which didn’t.

Scene shifts to Mac OS-X which ran Linux in the background. It was a masterful blend of the two most user-friendly and user-hostile operating systems. As one, the people in System Administration, who formerly considered Macs beneath their notice went out and bought them to run the company.

And me.

I’m sorry to see them go. Apparently, the Mac part of Apple will fit in an Airstream trailer now that all the effort is on iPhones.

Wait until the Audacity developers find out what their next gig is…


I am in NW Columbus OH - Apple stores not too far away - I’m always a bit intimidated!

I guessed you were a really clever tech. chap - my hat is off to you and it has been a pleasure writing back and forth.

Waiting for the day when I can narrate into my iPhone - not really!!

Waiting for the day when I can narrate into my iPhone

Too late.

It didn’t work properly and I never went back to figure out why. I know people who do reasonable recordings on these things, so it is a puzzlement.


Two non-tech suggestions - 1) it’s an iPod, not iPhone; 2) it’s upside down - are you Australian?

It’s an almost iPhone. My joke is the only thing it doesn’t have is a dial tone. It has both voice (processed) and music (unprocessed) recorders and a microphone.

It does record voice—poorly—but nobody I know would use it to record music. If it did work, it would solve a lot of microphone problems in one swing.

As far as it being upside down, if you mounted it on the table, where would you put your script? All those microphones are technically upside down. Not important.